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Vader Force-Chokes Mask-Shaming, ‘Communist’ California

It’s Friday and it’s been a week, so I thought we could all use a laugh. Plus, I’m not sure what stories are getting censored by Facebook and Twitter any more. Big Tech thankfully hasn’t found an excuse to block ACB stories … yet (see SENATOR CORNYN ASKS TO SEE AMY CONEY BARRETT’S NOTES. SHE HOLDS UP A BLANK NOTEBOOK! and SEN. KENNEDY EMBARRASSES KAMALA HARRIS OVER HER AMY CONEY BARRETT QUESTIONS: ‘DO YOU HATE LITTLE WARM PUPPIES?’). There is a chance they might even restrict reach on this post, because Darth Vader is challenging the CDC guidelines on masks.

Or actually, his brother Doc Vader, who I believe is a gynecologist in Los Angeles. Because really, if you were a Vader, what other kind of doctor would you be?

Doc Vader on Mask Shaming

She has a Twitter handle that says Princess “Wear Your Damn Mask” Leia. Oh, that’s gonna work, sister. You better do it because “Princess Wear Your Damn Mask” Says So!

My favorite thing about this is Luke Skywalker being a Trump fan, just because of how much that would actually piss off Luke Skywalker.

What I want to know is if Doc Vader has Jedi powers, or if he’s simply the black sheep of the family. If I were a Vader and someone at UPS got lippy with me that the mask I’m forced to wear to survive wasn’t enough, that I had to put a diaper attached to two strings over it, they’d be given an impromptu proctology exam with a lightsaber.

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