May 8, 2021

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FB And Twitter emoloyees responsible for censorship should be arrested

As Trump refuses to concede and challenges the socialist neo-fascist left which is being accused of stealing the election, facebook and twitter continue to demean and censor his campaign and supporters.

This has been ongoing on the part of Facebook and Twitter for over half a decade now. And it is only accelerating. Just in the past week, hundreds of conservatives were banned from social media, and President Trump has faced unfair treatment by both platforms.

Republican Senators seem to think so too. “WHO THE HELL ELECTED YOU!” Senator Ted Cruz asked twitter’s fascist CEO Jack Dorsy.

It’s time that President Trump act against these dystopian platforms and they’re cronies. Facebook and Twitter have been staffed by a virtual army of antifa-loving saboteurs of Republican values.

Facebook employees committing illegal bias were exposed

This behavior has gone on since at least 2015. It must be punished. Every Twitter and Facebook employee who engaged in a violation of a conservative’s 1st amendment rights over the past 5 years should be arrested immediately, and held responsible for such violations. If President Trump doesn’t begin taking on social media in ways like this soon, then they will only continue to undermine him and his supporters.


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