January 18, 2021

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Popular GOP Lawmaker Jim Jordan Joins Movement — CALLS ON SHAMELESS LIZ CHENEY TO STEP DOWN from Leadership Role Before She Destroys Republican Party

Liz Cheney, the House Republican Chair, is the third-ranked Republican in the US House of Representatives.
She was elected to the position by her Republican colleagues.

Liz Cheney is also an outspoken Trump-hater.
She is the worst.

Cheney and her colleagues have no loyalty to this president or his 74.2 million voters.

On Tuesday Liz Cheney said she will vote to impeach Republican President Donald Trump.

Joy Behar cheered the news.

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On Tuesday night Republicans Rep. Matt Rosendale and Andy Biggs  called for nasty Liz Cheney to step down, after breaking Republican Conference rules in her statements on President Trump.

By Wednesday morning a third GOP lawmaker called on Liz Cheney to step down as conference chair before she destroys the party.
Liz Cheney is a loose cannon.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined Rep. Rosendale in and called on Liz Cheney to resign as House Conference Chairwoman.

Now this…
On Wednesday morning popular Pro-Trump Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) joined the movement and called on trainwreck Liz Cheney to step down from her leadership role.

These lawmakers understand this is Donald Trump’s party and not Liz Cheney’s party.

Sadly, it may already be too late for the GOP after they refused to stand with this president since his landslide victory was stolen from their voters.

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