April 23, 2021

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New Yorkers Are So Stupidly Liberal, Over 20% Still Support Cuomo After Scandals

The rest of the country knows that New Yorkers are shockingly stupid when it comes to their far leftwing politics, but just how stupid they are just came to light in a new poll. The poll found that an overwhelming 21% of New Yorkers still support Governor Andrew Cuomo. This is after the Governor’s progressive policies have caused the greatest flight from a state in the history of North America, and had untold damage on the economy.

Couple this with the nursing home scandal, and sexual harrassment against over half a dozen women working for him, and you’d think the Governor’s goose was cooked. But not so with the inept New York liberals. The survey was taken in the second week of March, 2021. 54% of New Yorkers had an unfavorable opinion of him, 15% had no opinion, and 21% had a favorable opinion. The poll was taken by leftwing shill news site Politico.


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