May 8, 2021

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Governor Ron DeSantis Suspends All COVID Emergency Orders

Ron DeSantis, the pro-science and pro-vaccine governor of Florida, just signed an executive order ending all remaining COVID executive orders. DeSantis is of the belief that since the vaccine works — fully vaccinated only have a 0.0005 percent chance of being hospitalized from the ‘rona — it’s time for Americans to get on with their lives. This stands in stark contrast with Washington, D.C. Including one guy in particular whom DeSantis might find an opponent in a few years.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announces he’s suspending all local COVID-19 emergency orders in Florida

I’ll also sign an executive order pursuant to that bill invalidating all remaining local emergency COVID orders effective on July 1st. But then, to bridge the gap between then and now, I’m going to suspend under my executive power the local emergency orders as it relates to COVID. I think that’s the evidence-based thing to do. I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point, if you’re saying that, you really are saying you don’t believe in the vaccines. You don’t believe in the data. You don’t believe in the science.

Joe Biden, I think he’s talking to you.

We’ve embraced the vaccines. We’ve embraced the science on it. The data, I’ve said, has been good from the beginning in terms of clinical trials. It’s even better in real life. And so, it’s available. We want everyone to get it. And if you get it, just know that the reason you get it is because we want to be able to have people enjoy themselves and live freely in the state of Florida.

DeSantis also said you can take your vaccine passports and stick them up your nose. OK, he didn’t say it in those words. But he did ban them.

I think what we’re going to see now is which leaders reacted to the pandemic the way they felt they had to at the time, and which leaders just wanted to see how much they could control you. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are on the freedom end of the spectrum. Joe Biden, Gretchen Wilson, and NY Governor Chris’ Idiot Brother are on the “shut up and do what you’re told” spectrum. Everyone else falls somewhere in the middle.

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